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Under the Malaysian Companies Act, the directors of a Malaysian incorporated company must present the financial statements of the company to shareholders at least once every calendar year. These financial statements must be audited by an approved auditor and copies thereof lodged with the Companies Commission of Malaysia where necessary.

Our Associate, is licensed by the Ministry of Finance to undertake audits of Malaysian companies.

The philosophy views the independent audit as an integral part of the process which ensures that the management is provided with reliable financial and management information through the operations of appropriate financial controls. The audit approach combines technical competence, professional judgment and business knowledge based on a thorough understanding of your business. The business approach to audit consists of four main phases:

  1. Understanding your business
  2.  Planning the audit
  3.  Conducting the audit
  4.  Reporting to management and shareholders

The audit would include the provision of the following reports to management:

  1. The auditors’ report in compliance with the provision of the Companies Act, 1965.
  2. Report on the quality and application of internal control procedures and recommendations where
    appropriate, for enhancing efficiency.

The fees are normally based on the time to complete the assignment coupled with the degree of responsibility, experience and skill involved. Nevertheless, our minimum audit fees chargeable for all organizations including companies and corporations are governed by the Malaysian Institute of Accountants. We will endeavor to maintain the fee structure.

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