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focus your time and efforts on running your business and leave the accounting to me.

SAT was incorporated on 8 October 2002. SAT’s business activities are in the areas of Accounting, Auditing, Taxation, Company Secretarial, GST, Sales and Service Tax, Payroll Services, Financial Planning, IT Services, Business Advisory, Management and Consulting Services, Life Insurance and General Insurance. We also provide application for professional work permit for expatriates to selected clients. Our target companies are SME’s as these are the companies that really lack the benefit of our services. Nevertheless, we always welcome any companies. We preach in the principles of outsourcing. The future lies in outsourcing services. This would enable companies to concentrate on their core activities and we being the outsourcing provider will undertake the worrying and provide the solutions for them in terms of the services that we offer.

accounting services

Accurate record keeping is a key component to the success of your business.

We will prepare an effective recording system to minimize your worries about bookkeeping and therefore you can concentrate on your core business activities. We will post all payments and receipts from your source documents to the bank account(s), make all postings to the relevant ledger accounts, extract a trial balance at the end of the relevant period and prepare income statement and balance sheet at the end of the relevant period for management purposes.

We will undertake a comprehensive review of your operations to enable us to have a thorough understanding of its operations, existing procedures and accounting systems. However, we will require management to maintain the basic records in the following areas, among others, in order to minimize the cost incurred and to expedite the production of the relevant reports on a timely basis. 

  • Address:  SAT & ASSOCIATES (NF 0459) 57 Lorong Maarof Bangsar 59000 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
  • Contact: 603 - 2284 7170 / 78
  • Fax: 603 - 2284 6171
  • E-mail: satvinder@sat-s.com.my