A Solvent Dye is a dye soluble in organic solvents. It is usually used as a solution in an organic solvent. Solvent dyes are used to color organic solvents, hydrocarbon fuels, waxes, lubricants, plastics, and other hydrocarbon-based nonpolar materials. Fuel dyes are one use of solvent dyes. Their molecules are typically nonpolar or little polar, and they do not undergo ionization. They are insoluble in water. They form a colloidal solution in solvents.They have poor (basic dyes) to good (metal complex based) light fastness.

Used In
  • Paints

  • Inks

  • Plastics & Polymers

  • Coatings And More

  • (Sd)High solubility in recommended mediums as per application

  • (Sd)Excellent light fastness

  • (Sd)High resistance to acid and alkali

  • PSD is high dispersing colorants for plastic application

  • PSD replaces several conventional/ traditional products improvising the effectiveness of the colored polymer

Direct Dyes are available in the following shades
ShadesCommercial NameC I NameShadesCommercial NameC I Name
YELLOW RSolvent Yellow 2RED GSSolvent Red 111
YELLOW SGSolvent Yellow 16ORANGE PRSolvent Orange 105
YELLOW 5PTSolvent Yellow 56CRYSTAL VIOLET BASESolvent Violet 9
OIL RED SSolvent Red 23YELLOW GLSolvent Yellow 90
RED GSolvent Red 111ORANGE RLSolvent Orange 58
ORANGE BLSolvent Orange 7
FIRE RED GLSSolvent Red 89
BLUE RSolvent Blue 36BROWN 2RMSolvent Brown 42
BLACK ESolvent Black 7BLACK RESolvent Black 27
METHYL VIOLET BASESolvent Violet 8YELLOW SRSolvent Yellow 14
RED YSolvent Red 30YELLOW 2VKSolvent Yellow 33
CRYSODINE R BASESolvent Orange 4OIL RED G Solvent Red 1
GREEN GLSolvent GreenRHODAMINE B BASESolvent Red 49
YELLOW RSolvent Yellow 82ORANGE RRSolvent Orange 2
ORANGE RESolvent Orange 54BLUE GSolvent Blue 35
RED 2BLSolvent Red 132BLACK SSSolvent Black 5
PINK 5BLGSolvent Red 127GREEN GSolvent Green 7
BLUE 2GLNSolvent Blue 48QUINOLINE YELLOWSolvent Yellow 33
YELLOW GGSolvent Yellow 43CRYSODINE BASESolvent Orange 3
YELLOW SSSolvent Yellow 18BLUE 2RSolvent Blue 68
YELLOW MSSolvent Yellow 72VIOLET RHSolvent Violet 11
RED RMSolvent Red 24YELLOW 2RSolvent Orange 45
RED 207Solvent Red 207RED BSolvent Red 122
VICTORIA BLUE B BASESolvent Blue 4FIRE RED G Solvent Red 119
NEPTUNE BLUESolvent Blue 38DARK BROWN 5RSolvent Brown 42
GREEN BSolvent Green 3BLACK RLSolvent Black 29
VIOLET BASolvent Violet 14