Those Pigments that are made up of mineral compounds are known as to be Inorganic Pigments. These minerals are mainly oxides, sulfides of one or more than one metals. To impart colors in different compounds, inorganic pigments are applied.

Used In
  • Paper

  • Plastics

  • Concrete

  • Inks

  • Optimum dispersion in respective medium as per application area

  • Good color value

  • Excellent AR/SR resistance

  • better over their organic counterparts

  • can withstand the impact of sunlight and chemical exposure

  • good opacity

  • more durability

  • available at low cost in respect to the organic pigments

  • increase rash inhibition, abrasion resistance and rigidity to the molecules

Direct Dyes are available in the following shades
ShadesCommercial NameC I Name
Red oxide
Yellow oxide
Lemon chrome
Middle chrome
Scarlet chrome
Chrome oxide Green
Prussian blue
Black oxide
Blue oxide
Ultramarine blue
Ultramarine violet