Basic Dyes are water soluble and spirit soluble colorants. Basic dyes for paper widely used in textile industries. Basic dyes offered by us are used mainly in the applications of acrylic fibers such as types 42 and 75 orlon and type 61 creslan. The dye is generally used to produce bright and deep shades with superior light and wash fastness. Its application is similar to that of direct dyes but requires different and more precise controls with auxiliaries and temperature.

Used In
  • Textiles & Yarn Dyeing

  • Inks

  • Paper

  • Lab Stains

  • Agro Industries

  • High tinctorial value

  • Minimum or no Insoluble in recommended media and proportion

  • Good Solubility

Basic Dyes are available in the following shades

ShadesCommercial NameC I NameShadesCommercial NameC I Name
Auramine OBasic Yellow 2Safranine OBasic Red 2
Rhodamine B 500%Basic Violet 10Malachite GreenBasic Green 4
Victoria Blue BH/CBasic Blue 26Bismark BrownBasic Brown 1
Methelene Blue Z freeBasic Blue 9Rhodamine B 540%Basic Violet 10
Basic MagentaBasic Violet 14Victoria Blue rBasic Blue 11
Crysodine yBasic Orange 2Methelene BlueBasic Blue 9
Auramine OFBasic Yellow 2 (spirit sol)Methyl VioletBasic Violet 4
Crystal VioletBasic Violet 3Diamond GreenBasic Green 1
Victoria Blue B BaseSolvent Blue 4