Dyes Sales Corporation is a leading colour and effect pigment manufacturer with an experience of over 60 years

Dyes Sales Corporation started manufacturing pigments with a handful of inorganic pigments and has since flourished with a breadth of products that cover classical azo pigments, high-performance pigments, effect pigments and pigment dispersions. We primarily serve the coatings, plastics, inks and cosmetics markets.

Why Choose Us ?

Our diverse array of products makes us one of the most complete colorant suppliers. We take extreme care to maintain consistent quality & supply at all time. Our product has already made impact in domestic as well as in international market. We are able to handle large volumes at any given time with the help of a  dedicated team of professional having experience of 20-25 yrs. We are Capable and willing to hold stocks / inventory against the confirm requirements schedule of our customers for a pre decided period, on regular basis.

Our Mission/ Vision

Creating value for our partners, customer satisfaction, use of facts, respect for environment, continuous improvement & strengthening of system upgradation of human potential through training and education.

In our present and future endeavors, we aim to adding value by providing consistent quality for range of our colorants, while making it efficient cost per use.

Our Quality

Along with pursuing technological excellence, it is Dyessales philosophy to never compromise on quality. The company has a state-of-the-art laboratory with highly qualified and experienced chemists. Dyessales maintains strict quality checks for all its products. Every order has highly specialized product features and may differ to a varying degree in physical appearance, powder size, pH of 1% solution, etc. The company maintains proper records for each of its clients and ensures that the products meet such specific customer requirements. For the Lakes, Dyessales has developed an in-house testing procedure, which allows each batch to be accurately matched with standards for shade and color strength.

General Disclaimer

All the info in this guide is carefully verified and given in full faith since the colorant behavior is influence by particular formulation and condition, we are not responsible for any problem incurring outside the standard detection range. Additional information on color, shade ,properties will be available directly by us or through our local representative

Safety Policy

We are totally committed towards offering of environmental friendly products and ensure the safety to the best of our concerns